Gathering Worship Guides

June 27, 2021

             Approaching God's Throne: Fairest of All (Psalm 45)

Pastoral Greeting and Prayer

Reading from the Confessions: Canons of Dort, Articles 2.5 & 2.6

Congregational Reading: Philippians 2:1–11

             Admitting Our Need: Thy Works, Not Mine

             Applying the Gospel: Christ Our Hope in Life and Death

Scripture Readings: Exodus 9:13–21, John 7:1–13

Prayer Focus: Bryan and Melissa Barnett

            Preparing Our Hearts: Speak, O Lord

Sermon—1 Timothy 6:3–10

           Responding in Faith: Give Me Jesus

Benediction: 1 Peter 5:10–11


For an explaination of the setup and order of our liturgy, listen here